About DJ Sean Lee



DJ Sean Lee KKMS Jan 2016 (Framed)If you’re looking for the very best in entertainment from a tested and talented DJ, you’re looking in the right direction! Whether it’s a wedding, office event, school dance, corporate party, house party or bar full of hundreds of people, DJ Sean Lee is the entertainment-style DJ you’re looking for! You can count on him spinning all your favorite songs while creating a party atmosphere that’s filled with excitement, class and energy that’s appropriate for your special occasion.

Sean has been a professional DJ most of his life including stints at college pubs, nightclubs, school dances, house parties, corporate events and more importantly, some of the best wedding receptions in recent history! Look forward to a DJ who breaks the mold mixing, mashing and blending all song types and genres to produce a party atmosphere second to none.

Let’s be clear, having music and a laptop doesn’t make you a DJ. Being a DJ requires experience. It requires being intuitive; having the ability to read and understand the people you’re playing for and not just on the dance floor…you’ve heard the phrase, “read a crowd” or “read a room.” That skill takes years of experience to develop. Sean expertise stems from performing in just about any scenario including stops in Chicago, Cancun, Wisconsin and other states in the Midwest, alongside the great state of Texas. When you combine that portfolio with professional on-stage experience, you can rest assured that when you choose DJ Sean Lee for your event, all your needs will not only be met but all expectations will be far exceeded. Please take the time to navigate through the site to gather information, check references and to learn more about one of Dallas/Fort Worth’s best DJs and favorite DJ entertainers.

Speaking of Dallas, Sean’s recent success with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and becoming the first¬†“Official KiddNation DJ” really put his career into overdrive. Sean was hand-selected by the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show to perform live on the air in 2015 and he’s never looked back. After being invited to the show’s Friday morning “Flush the Format,” an opportunity to spin on the show’s nationally syndicated program for the entire country in May 2015, Sean’s success in Dallas took off. Sean returned for an encore performance on the show in January 2016 and remains affiliated with RadioDJs as a celebrity DJ and emcee.

Click here to see and listen to Sean during a snippet of his first nationwide appearance on the show and here to listen to the full version of the mix. If that wasn’t already enough fun and success, just days after his May 2015 performance Sean was invited the American Airlines Center in Dallas where he had the opportunity to open the night for the Main Event tour and show featuring New Kids on the Block, Nelly, and TLC. Finally, you can click here to see when Sean made a return visit to the show to help out J-Si, Kelly, Big Al and Jenna with one of their “I Have A Dream” segments.

After Sean became the first Official KiddNation DJ, it sparked a nationwide search for the best DJs across the U.S. and he couldn’t be more proud to now be part of such a great fraternity of the nation’s best DJs working with and alongside the show.


Sean’s previous on-stage experience includes work as the Master of Ceremony for the world-famous Tommy Bartlett Show in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. This and similar on-stage¬†experiences provided Sean with a structure of becoming a great announcer with a professional voice and a solid microphone delivery. Most importantly, it laid the foundation for creating a talented stage presence outlined by a positive and fun spirit while entertaining hundreds to thousands of people at a time.

Truly skilled as a party and entertainment-style DJ, Sean brings an arsenal of talent and skills that make every song and show precise featuring the high quality that listeners deserve.

Whether it’s the perfect-timing of segues or medleys that create a festive and classy atmosphere at a wedding reception, or his precision blends and mixes of club music or hip-hop to keep people dancing and partying in the bars, you can rest assured that the sounds you hear will be delivered professionally through a mix of music that possesses thought and consideration in each and every song played. Expect a new and innovative selection of music played in a fashion that captures the audience as Sean will read the energy in the room. What not to expect? That same “playlist” of songs being repeated by the masses who lack the ability to read the room.

Sean possesses a wide range of creativity and innovation and he’ll put it to work for you. You’ll be able to count on his versatility to provide you with an entertainment scenario and a unique atmosphere as well as a natural ability to develop your own thoughts and ideas. You’ll work together creating a scenario that’s personalized and just right to cater to your every need. You won’t be working with employees or DJs that are paid by the hour, but rather a skilled professional who puts himself and his name on the line to serve you. Using a famous insurance company style of thinking, if Sean isn’t the right DJ for you or is unavailable for your event you’ll be promptly provided with names of other DJs and entertainers that share the same high respect in his field.