• Base Price: $1,995.00 – ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING that provides you up to 6 hours of service including ceremony music if needed.
  • EquipmentEVERYTHING! All of Sean’s sound (4 speakers including two 12-inch high-end speakers and two 18-inch subs), dance floor lighting, turntables & mixer, wireless microphone, full music library, professional announcements and much more!
  • Consultation: The DJ Sean Lee Wedding Planner plus a personalized, one-on-one and ongoing consultation.
  • Dinner/Cocktail MusicINCLUDED!! Starting off your big night with class and an upbeat feeling as DJ Sean Lee sets an ambiance and vibe that is second to no one!
  • Extras: Picture Slideshows to put your images and your story to motion in a time capsule to a soundtrack of your choosing, lapel microphone (if needed), Custom Uplighting, Custom Gobo Projection and much more.
  • Setup/Take-Down: Included at no charge to you and done on DJ Sean Lee’s time, not yours.
  • Other Information: Date, location, and travel distance can affect price and will be negotiated when necessary.

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